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The Thirty Minute War by Elwyn M. Grimes, MD is an ambitious dystopian science fiction novel that explores themes of survival and ethics.

In the aftermath of a failed terrorist attack, the world suffers
from radiation-induced diseases. Chief among them is PeDay Syndrome. The affected suffer psychotic breaks but remain highly intelligent. In response, the government begins programs of sterilization, gene therapy, and cryogenic embryo storage. The National Biotechnical Institute (NBI) is the foremost entity handling such activities.

But an invisible intruder has bypassed all security measures and steals a vial of a deadly
virus. While investigating the theft, Sadee, the chief of operations, juggles her relationship, a surprise pregnancy, and the discovery that her boyfriend is hiding a horrible secret. Too late for gene therapy and determined not to undergo forced sterilization, her decision will have ramifications for the NBI and the world at large.



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The Thirty Minute War is an ambitious dystopian work, and those who gravitate to science fiction stories will enjoy its in-depth fertility and gene therapy treatment elements.



Debut author Grimes has bottomless imagination and essentially conjures an entirely new world as the stage for suspenseful scenes.  A scifi novel that explores a technologically advanced world partly built out of the wreckage of international war.  This is an exceedingly complex tale that ambitiously attempts to combine geopolitical intrigue, technologoical futurism, and tangled personal drama.  Readers are compensated with a genuinely suspenseful story and an intelligently constructed vision of a dystopian future.

There is much to like about this novel.  Grimes' near future is meticulously described and replete with visionary imagery.  Sadee's story is engaging and emotionally powerful, and she is a fully realized and identifiable character with an intriguing and complex relationship with lover Jonathan.  The novels biggest strength is its thematic profundity.  Not unlike P.D. James' classic The Children of Men, this story explores the themes of mass infertility and potential human extinction with grace and insight.  In  short, there is an entertaining story of personal and societal destruction and redemption to be found there.



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Elwyn M. Grimes, MD, was born in Woodville, Mississippi. After medical school, he completed a
fellowship at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and Harvard School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. Over his long career, Grimes served as a clinician and educator at several prestigious medical facilities specializing in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. He established the Midwest Fertility Foundation and Laboratory, a sperm bank in Kansas City, Missouri. Working in a specialty that has such a personal impact on people’s lives, he chose to share his creativity and experience with the reading public in this medical suspense novel. Edited and published by Collette Grimes.

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