The Thirty Minute War by Elwyn M. Grimes, MD is an ambitious dystopian science fiction novel that explores themes of survival and ethics.

In the aftermath of a failed terrorist attack, the world suffers
from radiation-induced diseases. Chief among them is PeDay Syndrome. The affected suffer psychotic breaks but remain highly intelligent. In response, the government begins programs of sterilization, gene therapy, and cryogenic embryo storage. The National Biotechnical Institute (NBI) is the foremost entity handling such activities.

But an invisible intruder has bypassed all security measures and steals a vial of a deadly
virus. While investigating the theft, Sadee, the chief of operations, juggles her relationship, a surprise pregnancy, and the discovery that her boyfriend is hiding a horrible secret. Too late for gene therapy and determined not to undergo forced sterilization, her decision will have ramifications for the NBI and the world at large.



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